Dimestore Saints



Dimestore Saints is a lifestyle clothing and accessories brand, but it's more than that. The origins of the Saints began–as does anything of value–with music. The passionate DIY vision and ethos of the Saints is heavily influenced by growing up part of the punk rock and hardcore music scene. The community of the underground music scene is unquestionably similar to that of today's moto community; both are places where passion breathes life into the ideas and vision of those following their dreams. Both are slightly apart from mainstream culture and unbound by restraints. Both are genuine and meaningful. Dimestore Saints was born from the DNA of these scenes. We are a brand from the heart and vision of people who ride and who grew up punk rock.


We exist to design products inspired by the DIY scenes from our youth and today's moto culture. Our mission isn't different from other likeminded companies we admire; it is this: to make quality products that people can get stoked about, and rally behind, as part of a community that bleeds passion and holds intense meaning.

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